Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dividend income & raise - July 2017

July is usually a slow month for me.
This year was no different. However, I'm still very satisfied with the year over year growth.

Dividend income

KO $15.54
GE $9.60
CSCO $8.99
GPS $10.35
VIAB $4.60

Total July: $49.08 (pre tax)
Net received: $39.71

Comparison with last year (gross)
July 2016: $39.71
July 2017: $49.08

This is a 23.6% YoY increase. Could be better, could be worse, right? :)

Dividend raises

OHI increaseed their quarterly dividend from $0.63 to $0.64.
This is a 1.59% increase. Due to this change, my YOC is now at 7.65%.

Update on goals
My goal is to receive $1000 in gross dividends in 2017.
With month 7/12 being over, I'm curious to see how I'm donig.

Gross dividends received so far: $534.15, while it should have been $583.33.
That means I'm currently behind schedule, but with consistent investing (and blogging..) I should be able to reach the goal!

How was your July?

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Recent sell - MCD

Yesterday I sold my position in MCD.

I've been wanting to sell this position for a while now.
Most importantly, because it does not fit the 10x10 rule anymore.
Basically this means the balance between the yield and the growth is not optimal.

Apart from that, the current P/E ratio (24) and the payout ratio (69%) are too high for my taste.

Let's see what happened during my time as a shareholder of MCD.

08/25/14 - Bought 11 shares at $94.77 for $1042.47
2014 Dividends received - $7.95
2015 Dividends received - $32.16
05/19/16 - Sold 6 shares at $124.99 for $749.94
2016 Dividends received - $19.88
2017 Dividends received - $3.99
04/18/17 - Sold 5 shares at $132.68 for $663.40
Net profit: $429.85 (41%)

Any thoughts?
Are you concerned about MCD as well?

Thanks for reading!